Моя маленькая бодрумская свадьба
Мини-отель в мандариновом саду в 100 метрах
от Эгейского побережья (г.Бодрум, Турция)
My name is Jake. I'm living in Barcelona for more than ten years and I do not only tour famous sights, but I also show specific places that local people like and which you couldn't find in the guidebooks. Spain is a great place to live and I love to show people this country. My experience as a professional licensed guide is more than 8 years.
Excursions and sightseeing in Barcelona and Catalonia
Зал в мандариновом саду
для банкета
An excursion around the city with a visiting the main sights of the Catalan capital and interesting places of the city center. We can also visit any interesting place you want.

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: 200 Euro
Пляж в 1 минуте пешком
для церемонии
A one-day tour of the picturesque surroundings of the city and the famous sights of Catalonia to choose from: the triangle of Dali, the monastery of Sant Pere De Rodes and others.

Duration: 10 hours
Cost: 450 euros
Мандариновый сад
Cognitive excursions to the famous museums of Barcelona: Casa Milá, Casa Batlló, Picasso Museum, MACBA and many others. We can visit one museum or several at your request.

Cost: 50 euro per hour
Бодрум - белый город на фоне
In addition to excursions, I offer a transfer service from the airports of El prat, Girona, and Reus. I will meet you with a sign, provide a comfortable trip to the hotel and help you check in the hotel or apartment.
In my blog, I write about interesting places in the city and lifehacks of visiting Catalonia.
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